DUDITERM products are hot melt adhesives of thermoplastic nature based on Ethylene-Vinyl acetate co-polimers (EVA) or on polyolephines. They are solid at room temperature but upon heating they become l uid and are thus applied at the molten state. By cooling they revert back to the solid state giving cohesion and hardness of the glue joint. Thanks to their fast setting and adhesion towards many substrates they are employed for automatic and manual edgebanding, both straight and soft-forming, as well as wrapping of profiles, door-frames, skirtings and window beads.

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DUDIPUR D adhesives are Durante&Vivan solution to 3D membrane-press panel facing by thermoplastic decorative foils for door and shutter production. DUDIPUR D are polyurethane dispersions that together with suitable crosslinker yield a glue film characterized by high adhesion strength and outstanding heat and water resistance performances. Our company produces both two-components and ready to use, one-component adhesives.

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DUDITERM PU branded adhesives are moisture curing hot melts based on polyurethane polymers. Besides physical gluing characteristic of hot melt adhesives they are able to react with ambient and substrates' humidity yielding a glue line with outstanding performances in terms of resistance to heat, water and solvents. In addition to traditional applications of EVA and APAO hot melts, due to their lower application temperatures and better wettability of the substrates DUDITERM PU adhesives extend their application range to materials that are more thermosensitive or that have lower surface tensions. Among these new i elds of application are: PVC wrapping of PVC proi les for production of window frames and production of sandwich panels composed of different materials for multifarious application fields, from caravans to insulating panels.