Adhesives and coatings are important entries of the industrial furniture and we are proud to be seen as one of the most reliable suppliers of these items. This requires to serve the end users through a vast network, and to back the product range with a continious R&D activity, without neglecting a constant quality, effectivity, and high penetration. We, at Entegral Industrial Products, are pleased to reach this goal.

For years we have been arranging the marketting and sales of the Durante & Vivan products in Turkey and the export markets attributed to us, following these principles. The interest we received from our customers shows that we have been successful in our task.

Starting from the experiance acquired over long years, we have prepared a complemantary range on adhesives under our own brand Entegral – ENT. Here also, our objective is to meet the needs of the users with an acceptable price level.

The partnership we started in 2014 with Sirca S.p.A. – a member of the Durante Group – is showing good preleminary results. Despite the difficulties in the market conditions, the penetration activities of introducing the wide Sirca range to the furniture producers, turns to be satisfactory.

The Entegral family will go ahead with serving the woodworking and furniture industry, as it has been in the past… Don’t miss, this is our job !